Our team

The team working at the Kings are all exceptionally proud to be working in such beautiful surroundings and amongst such a variety of shows coming to the theatre. There is never a dull moment backstage or in front of the stage.

For any opportunities to join our fabulous team, please either check out our Vacancy page or our Volunteering opportunities.

Meet our Senior Team

Terence Carvalho
Terence Carvalho

House & Corporate Manager

Chris Eglestaff
Chris Egelstaff

Commercial Operations Director

Jack Edwards

Creative Director

Sue McClory - Company Secretary
Sue McClory

Buildings Manager & Company Secretary

Deborah Marshall
Deborah Marshall

HR Advisor

Natalie O'Hara
Natalie O’Hara

Box Office Manager

Patsy Harvey
Patsy Jayne Harvey

Groups Officer

Darren Smith
Darren Smith

Technical Manager

Fiona Thornton
Fiona Thornton

Finance Manager

Director Trustees

Clare Brown
Cllr Hugh Mason
Damon Repton**
David Gant*
Gareth Morgan
Cllr Luke Stubbs
Ron Hasker
Rob Peck
Bill Taylor
David Henderson
Ian Pratt*
Paul Woolf***
Sue Love
Jane Prescott


*Executive Committee     **Chair of EC     ***EC & Chair of Director Trustees

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