Junior Reviewer 2018 – The Sound Of Music Review

“I arrived at the Kings Theatre to watch the sound of music. I’ve never seen The Sound of Music before but oh my god it was a dream to watch, I recommend anyone to go and see it as it’s fantastic.

The sound of music is about a girl called Maria who’s a nun but not a very good one as she keeps breaking rules so they send her to be a governess for the Von Trapp family of seven kids which she ends up loving.

In the break, I got some yummy vanilla ice cream and then we settled back down to watch the second half.

Captain Von Trapp ends up falling in love with Maria and they get married and the kids have a new mother but they end up having to go on the run from the Germans as they want the Captain to go back in the navy.

I loved watching this for the first time, my favorite song was called Favourite Things.”

Faith Thorpe – age 10 (Year 6)

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