16 February 2017

The Kings Theatre and News Chipper Club would like to thank everyone who entered our Junior Reviewer Competition, the standard of writing was very high but there can only be one winner, and we would like to congratulate Grace Fincham age 11 who impressed the judges on her review of Chocolates and Flowers.  

Grace will now be invited to review Gangsta Granny which opens on Wednesday 15th February; she has also won a family ticket to five future productions at the Kings Theatre this year including Cirque De Glace, the Easter pantomime: Beauty and the Beast and our Christmas Pantomime: Snow White. Grace will then write a review on each one of the shows which will then be published online.


Winning Review of Chocolates and Flowers

By Grace Fincham

Have you ever felt attached to a character? Like they're real? That's how I felt when I read Chocolates and Flowers (known as Alfie's story). I hope you enjoy my review and are tempted to read the book.

In Alfie's story, we experience his emotions through the powerful language written. His thoughts and troubles feel real because of the language and the detail that his life is in. It's hard not to fall head-over-heels for Alfie. You can't help but love his determination to make his plan work, and his love for Summer Tanberry is so true that your heart melts a little.

Though this book is full of happiness there is an extreme sense of sadness in Alfie's life. His girlfriend is suffering so Alfie is trying his best to fill up the gaps in Summer's life with one big valentines-birthday surprise.

This tale is a heartfelt story about a boy who was never seen and when he is, it's for the saddest of reasons. I recommend this story to people who like a tale of all different genres (except horror). This book is amazing but some words are difficult to understand so I suggest an age of 11+.

From Grace Fincham age 11

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