Kings Theatre takes Romeo & Juliet to Verona

16 June 2017

This summer, the Kings Theatre Portsmouth and Teatro Stabile Verona are once again collaborating to bring Romeo and Juliet back to its original setting in Verona Italy, it is claimed to be the most famous romantic tragedy ever written

Each year auditions are held at the Kings Theatre for various parts in Romeo and Juliet and this year they are pleased to announce Luke Rees-Oliviere will be playing the part of Mercutio. He will be joining Stephanie Dickson who is returning as Juliet and Joseph Rhys Westcott who will be playing Romeo. Luke Rees-Oliviere  graduated from Guildford School of Acting last year after completing their 3 year acting course.


Luke said “I've been passionate about Shakespeare from a young age, and so the opportunity to play the brilliant role of Mercutio in beautiful Verona was one not to miss! I will also be playing the narrator in the production and very much look forward to speaking the words, 'In Fair Verona, Where we lay our scene'! I am really excited to work with director Paolo Valerio and seeing how the Italians work with Shakespeare's text. I hope to learn as much as I can! “


In 2016, thousands of visitors from all over the world came to Verona and saw a version of Romeo and Juliet performed in both English and Italian around the lanes of Verona. The production was enthusiastically received by the Italian press, and industry professionals. Members of the public took delight in participating in some scenes and being guided around some of the city’s most beautiful historical locations including Juliet’s courtyard, the Cortile Ex Tribunale, the Cortile Mercato Vecchio and Teatro Nuovo. 


 This outdoor production will be directed by Paolo Valerio, Teatro Nuovo-Verona’s artistic director and staged in Verona’s unique setting of Juliet’s Courtyard.

For further information about this international project click here.

 Performance dates in Verona

10th July – 26th August 2017

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