Junior Reviewer 2017 - Gangsta Granny Review

20 February 2017

Hot off the press is the 1st review from 2017's Junior Reviewer!

Gangsta Granny is an awesome, heartfelt show about everyone's typical granny - with a few twists. A stunning performance was given by Ashley Cousins and Gilly Tompkins from the moment the lights went down. They had the audience on the edge of their seats; hooting with laughter and applauding until their hands were red. My personal favourite part was when granny abseiled down the hospital so that she would not be seen by the doctors and nurses - but the whole show was all amazing. The set was beautiful and the acting was beyond brilliant and as the ending approached I don't believe that there was a dry eye in the audience. Everyone, of all ages, can't help but adore Ben and his Gangsta Granny.


 - Grace Fincham (Age 11)

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