Spend a spooky night at the Kings Theatre

With reports of significant paranormal activity, the Kings Theatre is a tantalising location for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators.

The Theatre can be hired by groups to carry out their own nocturnal investigations. Contact Alaina Blight for more information.

Wessex Ghost Hunters spent a night at the theatre and carried out a number of experiments. The team's reporter, Conrad Hillman reported that “Throughout our investigation, we made contact with many spirits and our night was one of great amazement.This theatre is not just used by people we see every day but other people living in what seems a different world.”  Group president Dale Butler said: 'It was definitely one of the more interesting nights we have had.

Paranormal activity has been recorded beneath the stage, in certain dressing rooms and seats within the auditorium.

The Kings Theatre’s Archivist reports that “Sadly, I am unaware of any actually in existence! There are, however, stories of ghosts in the building. The main one, so far as I can determine, is of a shadowy figure often seen in the lower backstage areas; this is believed to be of the lady who was chief dresser and costumier to the early stars appearing here. 

“There is a secondary story concerning a man in a frock coat and top hat roaming in the dress circle promenade, and this is believed by many to be John Walters Boughtonmaking sure that the theatre he had built remains as he left it when he died in January 1914.”

Sandra Smith, who has worked at the Kings Theatre for over 30 years, said: "There have been sightings of shadows up in the gods and I witnessed a dog literally stop-still and his hair stand on end at a particular spot backstage. We’ve also had a very helpful ghost that tidies-up a small section of the stalls. But no one has ever reported that the ghosts feel threatening.  I think they are theatre-lovers who have had such a good time they’ve come back for an encore!”


Photographs courtesy of The Hampshire Ghost Club

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