Simon Whitcomb

Simon Whitcomb is vital part of the Kings Theatre’s visual art activities. From exhibitions to Summer schools he has used his creative skills to create innovative site specific work, theatrical designs, and to support and nurture others in developing their artistic aspirations.



We commissioned Simon to paint a collection of images for a production of Oliver staged at the Kings Theatre. The images where used as transitions between scenes and projected onto the stage. Each painting related to a scene or location and incorporated text from the novel.



In 2012 he transformed our box office into fairy-tale world inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the following year he transporting us to the mythical world inhabited by Sleeping Beauty and her handsome prince.


Summer Schools

Since 2013 Simon has been our lead tutor for our Visual Art Summer Schools.

The first year saw the budding artists create a magnificent mural of Southsea with the Kings Theatre’s architect Frank Matcham keeping an eye on his building and the creative energies it harnesses from a cloud overhead.

In 2014 the young people worked in the Kings’ activity space No.28 where they made billboard posters inspired by Southsea and the theatre.

During the 2015 Easter holidays Simon worked with a group of children to create their own miniature mechanical theatres that would each look different and move in different ways.

 See more of his work on his website ( and make sure you are following us on facebook or twitter for news of his next visit to the Kings.