Since its foundation in 2004 Icarus Theatre Collective has quickly gained a national reputation for its bold and emotive productions, including several Shakespeare productions. 


The Kings Theatre Portsmouth has co-produced with Icarus Theatre Collective the following national tours.


Hamlet (Current Prouction)
January 2017 - 


September 2013 - May 2014 (a revival of the Autumn 2009 production)

Icarus Theatre Collective’s revival of their 2009 adaptation of Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy brings together the rich themes of war, race, jealous, hatred, deception and murder to create an almost timeless play chronicling the extremes of human ambition.” The Public Review, November 2013


Romeo and Juliet
September 2012 - May 2013

Anyone who thought that Romeo and Juliet was for softies will have had something of a shock, as this was as energetic, rude and bloody an affair as any Tarantino fan could hope for. From the off, the playing was superb, clear, vital, and the audience were irresistibly sucked into the high japes and low manoeuvres of a fractious and dangerous Verona.” Migrant Press, May 2013


August 2011 - June 2012

In sum, while maintaining the integrity of Shakespeare’s original script, the Icarus Theatre Collective’s take on Macbeth adds numerous creative elements, riveting emotional and fight scenes, and novel thematic elements to draw in the audience, leaving a lasting unsettling sensation about this formidable tragedy.” Oxford Theatre Review, November 2011