Key Staff

Nick Benjamin
Technical Manager
023 9285 2233 |

Nick is responsible for the technical and stage door departments. Contact the technical team for all technical enquiries.


Louise Birchall
Operations Manager
023 9285 2222 |

Louise is responsible for the Building, Maintenance and Health and Safety. Contact me for the above.


Alaina Blight
Programming Coordinator
023 9285 2206 |

Alaina is responsible for programming. Contact me for programming or contract queries.


Alan Bound
Marketing Officer
023 9285 2220 | alan.bound@kingsportsmouth

Alan is responsible for all our show marketing and oversees our digital marketing. Contact Alan for show plans,  and advertising opportunities.    


Terence Carvalho
House Manager & Corporate Manager
023 9285 2216 |

Terence is responsible for the Front of House department and Corporate Sponsorship. Contact Terence for any enquiries regarding Front of House (Bar Hires, Room Hires, Show Enquiries) or Corporate Sponsorship opportunities.


Ellen Cheshire
Project Officer
023 9285 2206 |

Ellen is responsible for all special projects at the Kings Theatre.


Vicky Chivers
Head Housekeeper 
023 9285 2205 |

Vicky is responsible for the Housekeeping department.


Armand Gerrard
Creative Director
023 9285 2214 |

Armand is responsible for all creative aspects of the theatre.


Fiona Gibbins
Marketing and PR Manager
023 9285 2207 |

Fiona is responsible for managing the Marketing and PR Department. Contact me for information on budgets, advertising opportunities and anything else Marketing and PR related.


Rachel Goodall
Community Engagement Officer
023 9285 2218 |

Rachel is responsible for educational opportunities, community projects and events and outreach. Contact me for tours, talks and workshops.


Nathalie Gunn
Youth Theatre Coordinator
023 9285 2203 |

Nathalie is responsible for all youth theatre functions, events and performances. Contact me for Youth theatre enquiries, audition and casting opportunities for young people.

Patsy Jayne Harvey
Box Office Supervisor
023 9285 2232 |

Patsy is responsible for Group bookings and our Kings Card membership scheme. Contact me for Group bookings, Kings Card enquiries and sales.


Aaron Mackay
Digital & Print Marketing Officer
023 9285 2207 |

Aaron is responsible for all our Digital Marketing Plans and updating our website as well as all internal & external displays, print and distribution. 


Natalie O’Hara
Box Office Manager
023 9285 2200 | natalie.o’

Natalie is responsible for all Box Office functions. Contact Natalie for all Box Office queries/complaints, agency bookings, anything ticket related.


Gill Simmons
PR Officer
023 9285 2229 |

Gill is responsible for liaison with press and promotion opportunities. Contact me for interviews, production shots and information.

Fiona Thornton
Finance Officer
023 9285 2204 | accounts@kingsportsmouth

Fiona is responsible for all finance functions. Contact me for show settlements, invoice and payment queries.